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The only independent, local, family owned and operated fleet hire company, servicing the Upper Hunter region and surrounds.

Sergate Electrical and Sergate Fleet Hire

Sergate Story

Elliot, Shannon, and their three young children were born and raised in the Hunter Valley – and they still live, learn, work, and play locally. They have a real connection to the area and are passionate about bringing locals the level of service they deserve in fleet hire.

Sergate Fleet Hire endeavours to be the trusted brand in the Hunter region and surrounding areas. The team at Sergate Fleet Hire can provide the same level of service and response to the needs of local businesses hiring a vehicle, as any competitor in suburban areas with access to more services.

Elliot is a high-voltage electrician and has worked in the mining industry for more than 15 years. This includes some of the biggest pits in Australia, and also some of the smallest. He understands the diversity of each pit and although they all have the same fundamentals, they must comply with the strict rules adhering to each individual site. Elliot has a wealth of mining and trade knowledge.

Shannon’s background is in finance, with more than 15 years’ experience in banking and financial planning. She is passionate about helping individuals and local businesses succeed. She believes the financial knowledge she provides is helpful in understanding how businesses operate and how Sergate Fleet Hire can help meet their fleet needs. Shannon is approachable and prides herself on exceptional customer service. Being a busy mother of three has helped her multitasking skills. She is always available to help her customers and understands the need for flexibility and strong communication.

Shannon and Elliot’s three small children were the driving force in creating their successful local business. Their aim is to provide as many opportunities as possible for their children while giving back to the community in which they live and learn. Shannon and Elliot often sponsor local sporting teams and donate to various causes. They understand their business relies on locals “giving them a go”. They believe leading by example is the best policy.

Supporting local where possible is a way of ensuring the area’s economy prospers. They understand the need to provide small businesses with the opportunity to grow. This only occurs when everyone supports each other.

Sergate Electrical began operations six years ago and successfully built the brand to the point where it is now able to branch into a sister company – Sergate Fleet Hire. The need for fleet vehicles in the Hunter is at an all-time high. Reliable and safe vehicles are difficult to obtain. When a change of circumstances came about with four of their current vehicles on hand, Elliot and Shannon decided to capitalise on the opportunity in front of them and branch into hiring the vehicles to a market that was in need.

Sergate Fleet Hire has rebranded through local marketing team LivMedia, which cleverly ensured Sergate visually isolated its two companies while maintaining the link. Sergate Electrical is a trusted brand that prides itself on exceptional standard of work and services. Sergate Fleet Hire has followed suit and ensures they provide the best in customer service while maintaining all of their vehicles to a safe and reliable standard. Sergate Fleet Hire are priced competitively within the market and are confident they will gain loyal customers through reliability, flexibility, and safety.

Sergate Fleet Hire will provide vehicles to the mining sector, as well as tradies with individual requirements. They have also more recently branches out into small vehicles for short term hire and can service the agricultural and civil sectors with their long term options in 4WD vehicles. Hiring a vehicle can be a tax-advantageous business strategy, and Shannon recommends speaking to your accountant or tax agent to see if hiring a vehicle versus purchasing one could be a viable money-saving strategy.

Elliot and Shannon are approachable. Reach out and have the conversation today to see if they can help with any fleet hire needs. They are excited about sharing their business with the local community.

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